12V DC 16.67Amp 200W Waterproof Transformer

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12V DC 16.67A Waterproof Transformer

16,67 A 200W

Model: YL-122200Q

Power supply is designed for LED strips. Its large capacity will allow you to charge approximately 83 meters of white color strip (density of 30 LEDs per meter) and about 41 meters RGB strip  ( 30 LEDs per meter) without a risk of overvoltage overheating or blinking lights

Size :

Length - 23cm

Width - 12cm

Height - 6,50cm

Specification :

16.6A Waterproof Transformer


Input 240V AC

Output 12V DC (4 Seperate Tails - Single Colour Only)

200 Watts

CE Marked

12 Months Warranty

Note: This product is NOT ELIGIBLE for free delivery