AMBER 3528 60 LEDs/meter 10cm long standard LED strip

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AMBER 3528 60 LEDs/meter
10cm long standard LED strip

Product Description:

LED strips are a novelty in home lighting. Thanks to its low energy consumption, LED strips are often used by architects and interior designers, especially in new buildings. LED are suitable for illuminating kitchens, wardrobes, desks and even ceilings and staircases.
Elastic and soft LED strips can be fitted to virtually every surface and thanks to double-sided mounting tape, installation of LED strips is very easy. LED strips can last for up to 50 000 hours, which makes them a perfect replacement for standard light bulbs.

Technical specification:

- Colour: AMBER

- Waterproof:  NO

-Energy consumption (per 1 meter): 4,8W

- Lighting angle: approx. 130 degrees

- Work temperature: -20 ~ +60 degrees Celcius

- Width: 8mm

- Thickness: 2.4mm

SOLD AND PRICED PER 10 cm  (approx. 3,94 inch)

If you purchase several 10 cm LED Strips will provide you with 1 LED strip, with its lenght depending on the number of 10cm strips you ordered