EX - ALU Profile / fixtures

Manufacturer: Kluś
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EX - ALU Profile / fixtures
perfect for underlining edges of glass through illumination

- for flexible as well as for hard LED strips
- to illuminate the edge of glass or other 6mm thick material
- to be mounted to windows, ceilings, tabletops, glas-cases etc.
- Illumination of signboards, information signs, tec.


 Product Description:

anodized aluminum
Mounting to glass or other materials:
stretching screws
Mounting to the surface:
metric thread screws, screw anchors
Ending element:
Three-dimensional end-cap, made of plastic; stainless steel end cap (available as separate products)
patent rights
small dimensions, reduced weight, glass mounting option; ability to mount to different surfaces ( walls, floor, ceiling etc.), fresh, modern and crisp design, environment friendly

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PRICED PER AND 1 METER (3.2808399 feet)