H4 Bixenon HID Conversion Kit

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H4 Bixenon HID Conversion Kit
(4300K or 6000K)

Presented HID Kit can be fitted to any car with Hb4 mountings for headlights. Installation does not require major changes in electrical circuits, the only thing to do is to plug elements together. At any time, HID Conversion kit can be uninstalled to fitted to another car

Presented HID Kits hold following certificates:

TUF (Germany)

E11 (Great Britain)

ISO 9001.

Kit include:
1.) Two hermetic transformers
2.) Two xenon bulbs
3.) Cables and sockets

The benefits of bi-xenon headlights:

High beam and Low Beam in a single bulb !!!

Road Safety -
HID offers up to 3 times more intensive light beam (approx 3000 lm) as comparred to standard halogen bulb. This means you gain extra visibility !
Energy efficiency - HID consume only 35W. Standard halogen are approx. 60% less efficient

Driver's comfort – HID emits natural light with colour temperature similar to daylight (4300-8000K). This means, that HID light generates light that is best accomodated by hyman eyes. Thanks to HID lights the driver does not get waery durring long journeys and his reaction time is not affected by artificial light. HID lamps do not blind other drivers, pedestrians and other road users.

Easy Plug and Play installation – all you need to do in order to fit HID kit to your car is hanging transformers, connecting cables (plug and play) and replacing the bulbs. It is also really easy to uninstall the HID kit, so you can always switch back to standard halogen lights. Fitting HID kit doesn't require re-callibration of the headlight

Headlight protection - HID kits do not emit as much heat and UV as halogen bulbs and are better for your headlamps

Exquisite looks - Xenon light is often perceived as mark of a luxurious and prestigious vehicles

Longer lasting bulbs – Xenon bulbs included in HID Kits last up to ten times longer than standard halogen bulbs. It is also much more shock resistant,

Innovation – The transformers are integrated with the igniters, whick allowed to include in the transformer elements, such as control mechnisms, safety measures, and schok-proof system, which makes the bulb last much longer and more resistant to weather conditions, humidity and voltage fluctuations