H4 MasterDuty BlueVision 24V 70W Set Xenon Effect

Manufacturer: Philips
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H4 MasterDuty BlueVision 24V 70W Set Xenon Effect

MasterDuty BlueVision 24V headlight bulbs are the perfect combination of enhanced stress and vibration resistance with an all-desired xenon effect for those, who seek exquisite styling.

These high-performance quartz glass bus/truck (24V) bulbs are ideal for enhanced safety and visibility on the road. MasterDuty BlueVision increase visibility of objects, such as road signs and pedestrians and have a special xenon-effect coating to provide exceptional looks.

The distinctive blueish cap makes your bus or truck look sharp even when the lights are turned off and has the same enhanced vibration resistance of MasterDuty products.


Extreme stress and vibration resistance

Eye catching xenon effect

Quartz glass

Fully 'E' Marked and road legal

24v 70w