HR-LINE LED extrusion / fixtures without cover

Manufacturer: Kluś
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HR-LINE LED extrusion / fixtures without cover – article number B3579

Product characteristics
The extrusion made from high quality aluminum is designed for flexible or rigid LED strips that are 8 - 11,5 mm wide. One of the accessories offered for the extrusion are covers that shade and protect LEDs inside the profile. Covers are made of polycarbonate, and additionally, HS covers are certified for excellent resistance to all weather conditions or UV radiation as well as are flame retardant. Extrusion HR-LINE, together with LEDs, cover and caps should be used only in a version specially sealed with neutral silicone (recommended Dow Corning 799 EU). Due to this we get the lighting fixture of high integrity, whose class of resistance against ingress of solid objects, dust and water will be IP 67. A frosted cover and densely spaced LEDs allow to get a single line of light. The extrusion should be fastened to surfaces, such as different kinds of pavers, with a frost-resistant adhesive. It is recommended that the profile is mounted onto a special base foam which cushions the loads carried by the profile and makes the extrusion face with paving stones. In addition, the foam can be used as a template for a proper installation in e.g. cobblestones. The design of the extrusion and the parameters of the cover allow for static loads up to 20 kN.

Note: All LED profiles are NOT ELIGIBLE for free delivery

Due to its high integrity and high load bearing capacity, the extrusion is ideal for high-traffic areas such as sidewalks, bike paths; it is also suitable for mounting in parking lots, driveways. Additionally, it can be used to illuminate the exterior architectural elements, such as building facades, terraces, gardens, etc.

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Technical specification
Ingress Protection Rating IP 67 (sealed version), IP 20 (unsealed extrusion)
Maximum static load up to 20 kN
Available lengths 1 m / 2 m / 3 m (can be cut to any size)
Dimensions of base foam 1240 mm (length) / 30 mm (width) / 10-100 mm (height)
Material body – aluminum, cover – polycarbonate (PC), end cap – polypropylene (PP), base foam – polystyrene (XPS)

Product are RoHS compliant.
PRICED PER AND 1 METER (3.2808399 feet)