LED Bulb E27 1.1W 18 SMD White Warm

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Energy saving LED bulb that can be fitted to every E27 housing. Thanks to LED technology the bulb uses a significantly less energy than a standard bulb (up to 95% less) . The bulb is an optimal choice for illuminating interiors  thanks to its natural warm white colour temperature. Osram LED Bulb can also be used for decorative purposes, for example to illuminate a piece of art, a photography, or a painting.

Technical specification:
Mounting- E27
Light angle - 180 Stopni
Energy Consumption - 1.1W
Light output [lm] - 90 lm
LED type - SMD
Voltage- 230V
Number of LEDs - 18
Colour temperature [ K ] - 3500 K (white warm)
Warranty- 12 Months

Key features
- Long life - up to 30000 hours
- Lower energy consumption - up to 95% less energy used.