LED Controller Radio Remote Control 20 Buttons (4A)

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 LED Controller Radio Remote Control 20 Buttons (4A)

LED controller allows you to change the colour of the LED RGB strip at any given moment. You don’t need to install any complicated electric circuits in order for the LED strip to emit certain colour. If the controller is not installed, the LED strip will give you only one colour and to change it, you need re-wire the whole circuit. Thanks to the LED strip controller you can do it instantly.
The remote control uses radio waves in order to make the lighting change easier and accessible from any place in the house.
LED RGB Strip combined with a LED controller is a perfect solution for every bar, pub disco or even an exposition in the shop. Its application in household can however be equally effective and helpful in creating a perfect mood in the room.
LED Controller will not work with one-colour LED strips (it will only switch the strip on and off)

Technical specification:
- Voltage: 12V DC
- Working temperature: -20; 60 C
- Output current: up to 4A per channel (6A)


- Controller ( LxWxH ): 50x35x28;

- Remote control (LxWxH): 85x52x7 mm



-ON/OFF switch

-PAUSE/PLAY switch

-8 pre-programmed colours: white, blue, green, red, orange, yellow, cyan, purple

- 3 colours jumping change

-7 colours jumping change

-3 colours smooth change

-7 colours smoot change

-Colour change speed control

-7 colour strobe

-Brightness control for each program