Livolo VL-C302R-11 touch light switch

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Livolo VL-C302R-11 touch light switch

Livolo touch light switches are manuftured to the highest standards from top quality materials and become more and more popular arround the world. They combine unique and exquisite styling and design and high performance and functionality, which is why they are extremely reliable. Front panels are made of 50 mm thick crystal and durable glass. The blue strip,which also is a control for the touch switch, makes the whole product look modern and increases its decorative value, which makes this light switch a perfect device for any modern household it works with virtually every type of lighting.


- touch panel

- made of glass

- twobuttons.


1. Works best with low voltage lighting devices.

2. Easy to install - just like any other light switch, dimmer or controller

3. Touch panel allows for fluent change of light output

4. Recommended for installation in  75mmx75mmx35mm mounting box

Technical specification:

1. Wireless touch-control

2. twobuttons

3. Material: cristal glass

4. Dimennsions: 86mm * 86mm * 39mm

5. Compliant with CE 4 norms

6. Panel colour: Białego.

5. Voltage: AC 110V-250V/50Hz-60Hz.

6. Dimming: 5% ~ 100%.

7. Wattage: <500W.

8. Power consumption: below 0,1 mA.

9. Working temperature: -30-70 *C,

10. Durability- life time