PDS 4 - K extrusion without / fixtures cover

Manufacturer: Kluś
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PDS 4 - K extrusion / fixtures without cover - article number B3776

- for flexible or hard LED strips
- lighting or illumination of certain areas (stream of light may vary depending on the power of applied LEDs)
- indoor: grooves (profile can fit slim design and thin furniture pieces, wall surfaces, drywalls)
- outdoor (IP 67 waterproof level can be achieved)

Product Description:
Material:  anodized aluminum
Cover: frosted, transparent
Standard lenght: 1m, 2m ( we sell profiles by 1 or 2 meter increments)
Mounting: double sided mounting tape or mounting glue
Ending Element: plastic end cap
Certificate: CE
Patent: Patent rights

Note: All LED profiles are NOT ELIGIBLE for free delivery

Products related to the Extrusion

small dimensions ( just 6mm high), profile can fit slim design and thin furniture pieces, special collar of the profile enables unaesthetic grooves to
be covered, * ( groove – a specially prepared narrow space in the wall surface, drywall, stone block etc.) easy assembly, lightweight, easily release
heat, environment firendly