Philips Penlight LPL02 3xLR03

Manufacturer: Philips
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Philips Penlight LPL02 3xLR03
Philips has launched a range of work lights aimed primarily at workshops and garages offering optimal lighting for your workplace!

The Penlight LPL02 3xLR03 inspection lamp from Philips delivers 250 Lux and is shock, vibration and dust resistant, as well as waterproof. It also has a hook for hanging and angling the light for the greater comfort at workplace. Penlight LPL02 3xLR03 generates an intensive light at 1,5 foot range, which makes it an optimal choice for inspection and small repairs at garage or a workshop.

Technical Specification:
Light output: 250 Lux  / 120 Lumen (at 50 cm)
Water-, dust- and shock resistant - IP54