STEP Profile / fixtures

Manufacturer: Kluś
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 STEP Profile / fixtures


- for flexible or as well as for rigid LED strips (8mm, or 10mm  thick)


-lighting up limited areas (light output may vary depending on the power of LEDs)

- indoor: interior design, such as kitchen cabinets. Also: stairs, exhibitors, scenography, advertisement, hotels, work stations, (hardly accessible and shaded places)

- outdoor (profile is not waterproof, and should not to be applied if directly exposed to weather conditions)
-perfectly suitable for installation between two perpendicular surfaces (stairs, corners, tabletops)


 Note: All LED profiles are NOT ELIGIBLE for free delivery


Product Description:


anodized aluminum; combined with non-anodized aluminum


 frosted, transparent


mounting brackets (sold as an accessory)

double sided mounting tape (sold as an accessory)

Ending element:

end cap, (accessories)




 patent rights



 Ideal for installation in staircases and on any other object that form 90* angles. Durable and made of high quality materials the profile is extremely resistrant to any mechanical damage



PRICED PER AND 1 METER (3.2808399 feet)