Wholesale & Partnership

Household Lighting

Xtremelight trades in various lighting products, chief among which are:

• LED Strips – 5050, 3528 and 230V strips

• LED Profiles

• LED controller, power supplies and dimmers

• LED Modules

• Household light bulbs

• LED household bulbs

• LED floodlights

• Lighting accessories

Automotive Lighting

Xtremelighting trades in various lighting products, chief among which are:

• HID bulbs, HID kits and HID accessories

• Halogen car bulbs (12V and 24V)

• LED automotive bulbs

• Automotive rings and CCFL markers

• LED Daytime Running Lights

• HID Conversion kits

• Garage and inspection lamps

• LED bike lights

• Windscreen wipers

Manufactured by world's leading producers:




We are also a direct importer of Asian lighting products, such as LED strips and LED accessories
We are always interested in cooperating with new business partners. If you are a reseller, car service station or garage, we will be glad to cooperate with you in order to maximize mutual benefits. Our business partners can prices lowered up to 60% (in comparison to retail prices) on certain products. The more and more often you buy, the better price you will get.

Business partnership with Bestlook gives you many opportunities, advantages and benefits, chief among which are:

• Best prices

• Quick and reliable deliver

• Access to our database of photos, product description and advertising materials

• Cooperation with reliable company

• Consultation from experts in lighting products and services

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